What is the task of DIPLOMACY?

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What kind of relation between effectiveness of diplomacy with actors of diplomacy? How Foreign Policy organizations have impact on methods and tasks of diplomacy? Explain with examples.

Mediator and parties:

The field of diplomacy is no longer populated just by representatives of foreign services, but also by representatives of other ministries, multinational corporations, civil society organizations, and even influential individuals who do not represent a particular state, organization or corporation.

Diplomacy, which is closely associated with this direction of policy, is a “space” where main actors are politics, culture, science and education, media, NGOs, users of social networks

We can say that the effectiveness of diplomacy also related Foreign Ministry.

In the conditions created by modern technology, traditional methods did not work. There were also cases when traditional actors of diplomacy were insufficient. Especially non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations and international organizations began to play an increasing role in diplomatic relations.

In this process, the decisions have ceased to be the decisions that statesmen and politicians have made alone, and have gained a dimension influenced by the masses.

Moreover, the impact of the decisions taken was no longer limited to the region in which it was made, and it extended to wide geographies with the effect of increasing interdependence in the world.

The effects of social media have increased the effectiveness and impact areas of diplomatic events. Thus, traditional diplomacy has also changed form.

Go to one of the most important case diplomaticy activities which dipmomat school ‘representation’. Represent their countries, their countries interest and so on. So this a not just representation is classically happening the rapid sending the diplomats to another host country to representative country. And also diffending interest and the why of the countries and the countries citizen in the host country.

but as we now representation is not just happing to establish in embassy understanding diplomat. But there are other forms of repretentation which is the important to. And diplomats to be effective in diplomacy. You need to have the so representation and those diplomats who represent their country.

you need to have also the commence the public of those countries. This they can use information formal and informal way to attract attention can support on the public of union of the country.

Effectiveness diplomacy and role of the actors of diplomacy to be affected from diplomatic activities.

and this form ministry and other institution which is bringing the foreign policy bring a diplomatic activities using the diplomatic matters.

What are the key task of diplomacy?

Key. Task of diplomacy is messaging, Negotiatoining, mediation and top. These are key. Diplomat use different methots. Sometimes use the cooperative strategy sometimes use the communicative strategy.

The choice or selection of methods will normally be influenced by one or more of the following five factors: form, organisational routine, context, diplomatic style and perceptions of diplomatic space.

Of these, form is defined as the preferred framework within which states and other actors seek to carry out their external relations.

Form can be bilateral or multilateral; transnational (e.g. through NGOs); societal or economic; open, private or secret.

Organisational routine is defined as the impact of organisational standard operating decision procedures (methods of work, choice).

The practice of states contributes to a particular style or approach to diplomacy at a political and bureaucratic level.

Diplomatic style contributes to international identity and diplomatic reputation

Diplomatic space can be thought of as the area which diplomacy and foreign policy are carried out.

Diplomatic space is not static and may be gained or lost.

Diplomatic space not just related physical one, conceptional, institutional — legal and setting constraints of the diplomacy is also important.

The conceptual component of diplomatic space is at the core of the idea, and takes us to the central purposes of diplomacy

Space can be used to: • develop a core group of recognised foreign policy ideas • assist the projection of diplomatic reputation • mitigiate pressure • facilitate changes of direction • support foreign policy initiatives.

The use of bilateral and multilateral relations

Bilateral relation, Multiletaral regime is can be example.

You can find the some example from the inhere.

Bilateral relations

The use of bilateral relations reflects factors such as historical links, alliance interests, the impact of regional organisation, resource possession and territorial boundaries.

Bilateral diplomacy provides a sense of control and management.

Bilateral relations aim to develop common ideas, often as dominant directing concepts in regional and international fora, and the protection of shared interests.

Multileteral relations

Multilateral diplomacy has now become an established and diverse feature of modern diplomacy, conducted through global institutions, permanent conferences and a variety of regional and pan-regional institutions.

The effectiveness of diplomacy by visits

visits are an important part of the repertoire of diplomacy.

You can use the Diplomatic visit. Diplomatic visit as a too being affective in diplomatic area

But not all visit can produce effectiveness.

Effectiviness of Diplomacy

You can see that as a Foreign Policy organization has a diplomat use the visit to be carrying effectiveness on the diplomatic relations.

Sometimes diplomats using the…

Task of diplomacy will be effectiveness of course although this task Foreign Policy organization not just Foreign Policy

What is the main task? To identify what are the main tasks. We are main four task: messaging, neogiating, mediating and talk

When we are analysing FP organization effectiveness on diplomacy, we look to this four area; messaging, negotiating, mediatiation and talk. how can be important to understand effectiveness of the diplomacy.

Telegram and like role of the not just the FP ministers but the other actors which are very actively play role on the diplomacy.

We can talking about the negotiation..

When and where the diplomat or the actors of diplomacy are the successfull or affective?

Diplomatic methods (Ana başlık)

Cooperative strategy, Communications strategies, Operational environment and the media, Resistance and delay, Counter-strategies, Expansion strategy, Active strategy (Alt başlıkları)

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Tasks of diplomacy

Ceremonial • protocol • representation • visits Management • day-to-day problems • promotion of interests • explanation and defence of policy • strengthening bilateral relations • bilateral coordination • multilateral cooperation Information and communication • assessment and reporting • monitoring International negotiation Duty of protection Contribution to international order • normative • rule making • mediation/pacific settlement